Mother with her baby
Marlene, at the beginning of the pregnancy: "Can I handle life with yet another baby?"

“When a student was up to her neck in water …”

It is a late evening at the beginning of the year when Marlene (27), a student and mother of a nine-year-old girl, sends a desperate message to the SAMC emergency call center. Her current living situation is troubling her, and now she is also unintentionally pregnant. She feels as if the water is up to her neck, and is thinking about abortion. However, having heard about SAMC, she convinces herself to contact the foundation to find out whether there might be a way forward for her and her baby.

Everyone is against the child – can I handle this?

Soon afterwards, a SAMC counselor contacts the confused woman and takes the time for a detailed initial discussion. Marlene sees a big problem with her studies. She explains to the counselor that she needs several more semesters before she can finish. Because of this, she is only working a small part-time job to at least make ends meet. Now, however, her daughter, who has lived with her father for a long time, is returning to live with her. This puts additional restrictions on her. She is in the process of applying for a scholarship. The counselor sees Marlene’s efforts to help herself, but knows that scholarship applications can take a long time, if money is awarded at all. Marlene has also tried welfare, but has been turned away. It is well known that there is no money for students. And now, of all times, the pregnancy!

Marlene is having a lot of difficulties with the father of the new baby. He does not want the child, and absolutely wants her to have an abortion. He says that financially, it would not be possible and she would be overburdened with a second child. “I don’t really want to have an abortion …” says Marlene, but asks herself, “Can I handle life with yet another baby?” Moreover, her mother doesn’t think it’s a good idea to keep the child either. The counselor assures the pregnant woman of help: “Continue your education, we’ll help you, and you’ll manage with the second child!” Marlene decides to trust and arranges a personal meeting with the counselor at the SAMC in Münchenstein.

Tears of Joy!

So Marlene comes to the SAMC and discusses her situation from different perspectives with the counselor. The father of the child still does not want anything to do with the child or with alimony. The counselor is convinced, based on the documents Marlene has brought with her, that she will really fall into a financial hole after having used up her savings, and in fact already during the pregnancy. She therefore promises Marlene concrete financial support: The SAMC will take over the rental costs of the apartment during the critical period; in addition, it will help with baby equipment, because the young woman has no means to procure the missing items for the baby. Marlene also receives valuable support from the counselor in clarifying her needs as a single mother, including drawing up a child support agreement with the father of the second child, but also in making adjustments to the child support agreement with the father of the first child. These are becoming necessary as her daughter moves in with her.

Now the young woman has a load off her mind. She now has the certainty that she will not be left alone. On the contrary, she will be helped extensively! The pregnancy will thus not bring her into existential hardship. The SAMC’s offer touches her so much that she bursts into tears. Abortion is no longer an issue for Marlene!

The baby’s father suddenly turns around!

Just a few hours after the birth of her son, Marlene contacts the counselor to tell her good news. She writes, “Thank you so much for all of your support during the pregnancy! I am so happy with him!”

Then comes the big surprise: The father is acknowledging his son! This means he will also contribute towards the financial support. Furthermore, he is willing to personally help out with the care: Every week he will be there for his son for a full day, also to relieve Marlene from the financial and timely burdens connected with her education. So, despite all of Marlene’s concerns at the beginning of her pregnancy, the sky over her new start into motherhood looks bright. She can complete her training also with her baby!