Swiss Aid for Mother and Child (SAMC)

The SAMC stands up for a more child-friendly mentality in society. It supports the solidarity with mothers and their children. The organization is a non profit, tax-exempt, independent foundation.

The Swiss Aid for Mother and Child (SAMC) offers counselling and direct help to women, couples and families who get into serious difficulties due to pregnancy or the birth of a child.

Swiss Aid for Mother and Child has existed as a foundation since August 31, 2001. It was founded by the association Mamma (mamma.ch), with the goal of creating an independent, charitable relief organisation.

In November 2008, the ZEWO Foundation (Swiss charity certification body) acknowledged that the SAMC had earned its credibility. The quality certificate was issued to SAMC in recognition of its conscientious handling of monetary donations. It testifies to the economical, purposeful and effective way in which the entrusted funds are utilized.