13th to 23th Week of Life

Now it will be 6 months until the child is born. All the organs are there already and continuing their development.
La main du bébé dans sa 13e semaine de vie.
Le pied d'un bébé dans sa 13e semaine de vie.

13th Week of Life

Nothing new is added to them any more. You can compare this with the development of a baby to an adult. A baby also cannot survive without help from others. In addition, the baby now has phases of sleep and wakefulness and is reacting to its environment. (Size of the child: about 11 cm).

13. – 22. Lebenswoche

14th to 17th Week of Life

The fetus moves its head, arms, legs and lips. The eyes and ears reach their final position. The unique line patterns on the fingers and toes form. The circulation of the blood is fully functional.


18th to 23th Weeks of Life

The sleep-wake rhythm is formed and the fetus searches for a preferred sleeping position. It can suck its thumb. The period of rapid brain growth begins. This continues into the fifth year of the child’s life. The fetus can firmly grasp.

The ossicles (inner ear bones) are functional so that the fetus can recognize the breathing, heartbeat and the voice of its mother. From 22 weeks of life onwards the child is capable of surviving outside of the mother’s womb in case of a premature birth.