Our Basic Principles

Life needs friends.

Mission and Performance

The Swiss Aid for Mother and Child (SAMC) is a charitable and independent foundation exempted from taxes. It belongs to its basic principles to offer counselling and direct help to women, couples and families who have difficulties due to a pregnancy or birth of a child. It works towards a child-friendly mentality in society. It fosters solidarity with mothers and their children.

The SAMC operates an emergency centre which counsels and aids people throughout Switzerland 24 hours a day. Encouragement and concrete plans for the future are the focus of the professional counselling. Direct help, in which everyone involved – especially children – are taken seriously and valued. Help is given discreetly and unburocratically to residents of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

Cooperation and Dialog

The Swiss Aid for Mother and Child works together with other organisations and specialists that are similarly committed to protecting life and offering comprehensive help. It dialogs constructively and openly with others, based on an attitude that treasures christian values.

Its employees are ensured a loyal working environment and modern working conditions. Responsibility for tasks, leadership and information is clearly defined. These provide the framework for professional and social expertise.

Funding and Cost Effectiveness

The Swiss Aid for Mother and Child relies on donations and bequests. Its procedures are goal and solution oriented and rooted in social and economic principles. In accordance with the latest accounting principles the annual accounts depict the actual asset position, financial standing and profitability. It has been awarded the ZEWO-endorsement for reliability and conscientious managing of donations.