24th Week of Life until Birth

Brainwave patterns show that the visual and auditory centers are active. The capillaries of the lungs are formed to prepare the fetus to breath air. The spine is fully formed.
The lungs are able to function.

24th to 27th Week of Life

The fetus can now survive outside of the womb with medical help. The brainwave patterns reach their maturity in the 27th week. The lungs are able to function. Sucking and swallowing also function. The eyes open and have eyelashes.

28th and 29th Week of Life

The division of cells in the cerebral cortex is visible. The fetus is already a good 37 cm long. Regular breathing and body temperature control is now taken over by the brain.

30th and 31st Week of Life

Numerous connections between nerve cells in the brain are formed. The iris of the eye becomes coloured, the pupils react to light differences. The uterus will become so crowded that the fetus will have to assume the typical “fetal position”.

32nd to 35th Week of Life

The eyes are open when the fetus is awake and close when it is asleep. The immune system of the fetus is formed.

36th and 37th Week of Life

The body has taken on the typical chubby baby form. The fetus turns toward light sources. It now reaches a total of 47 cm.

38th and 39th Week of Life

The head remains slightly deformable, the cranial sutures are still open. The head can thus adapt to the narrow birth canal. After birth it returns to its round shape. With 70 complex reflexes the baby is ready for birth. It is about 50 cm tall and has over 300 bones from which only 200 will remain into adulthood due to the merging of some bones.

The calculated delivery date is in the 39th week of life. Statistically most babies are born exactly 38 weeks and 2 days after fertilization. Some fetuses remain longer in the womb. Up to 14 days after the due date is still normal. No harm comes to the baby by staying longer in the womb. The gynecologist will meet the pregnant mother regularly to check on the condition of the unborn child. Only when the child is 14 days past the due date, contractions are triggered with the use of prostaglandin suppositories.

After birth, the baby immediately begins to breathe independently.

The Birth

When the baby is born it immediately begins to breathe independently and the umbilical cord is cut separating the baby from the placental circulation. The umbilical cord can be up to one meter long but this is rare. The baby cannot yet cry with tears. It therefore only screams.     

Sources Text: see www.bewegung-fuer-das-leben.com / Photos: life Issues Institute

After birth

Newborn …

It is a miracle, says the heart
It is a big responsibility, says the mind
It is a lot of worries, says the fear
It is a gift from God, says the belief
It is an enormous challenge, says the experience
It is the greatest happiness, says love.