Baby Windows – the Most Famous Windows in Switzerland

The «Baby windwos» that are operated by the Swiss Aid for Mother and Child and Hospitals in Basel, Bellinzona, Bern, Davos, Einsiedeln and Olten have saved the lives of already several babies and continue to do so. Since the establishment of the first of them in 2001 they are considered the most famous windows in Switzerland.

Baby windows – an offer of medical help to women under extreme distress

The SAMC-Foundation, together with Swiss hospitals, maintains several baby windows that are put at disposal for women who find themselves in a desperate situation. A baby window allows a mother to anonymously place her child in safe hands without committing a punishable act.

The mother opens the window. Behind it, there is a heated cot with the «Letter to the mother» on it. She places the baby in the cot, takes the letter, shuts the window and leaves the location.

About three minutes later, the alarm for the baby window goes off. Immediately afterwards, a midwife arrives and takes care of the baby. A few days later, the baby is given to foster parents and will eventually be placed in the hands of adoptive parents.

Before adoption becomes final, the natural mother and father are entitled to demand that the child be returned to them. Adoption may take place no earlier than a year after the child was placed in the baby window. Parents who take contact with the Swiss Aid for Mother and Child Foundation (SAMC; toll free call: 0800 811 100), before or after placing their child in a baby window will receive free help and advice in order to make a life together with the child possible.

The baby window – an offer of help for women in a situation of extreme emergency.
The baby window is an offer of help for women in a situation of extreme emergency.

Fewer babies found dead or abandoned after baby windows have been installed

In Switzerland, the first baby window was opened at the Einsiedeln Hospital on May 9, 2001. Ever since, fewer babies have been abandoned or found dead.

This has been shown by the administrators of the baby windows in an evaluation which assessed all known cases of babies that were either abandoned, found dead or placed in a baby window since 1996. Intervals of five years were compared to each other. The result: Since the opening of the first baby window in 2001, the number of abandoned or killed newborns has decreased by approximately 70%. Thus, numerous human lives have been saved as a result.

Here you reach the website of the baby windows where you will find more information.