The mother and her child.
A lot of mothers need support that they can live to see Christmas together with their child. (© FatCamera/iStock)

«The greatest gift that I have ever received!»

Shortly after a serious operation, Lea (33) realises that she is pregnant. She has never prepared herself for it, all the more so as her doctors doubted that she would ever be able to have children. She was somehow content to remain childless, while even without a child, life was often overwhelming. Over the years, she has got mired into debt, as has her partner. The financial situation of the couple is constantly precarious. Lea therefore doesn’t see any other possibility than an abortion and looks for advice. She takes contact with the SAMC.

Fears Bar the Way

A lively exchange of e-mails and phone calls reveals to the counsellor a woman that, after having experienced for years her inability to master the challenges of everyday life, now suffers from every sort of fear. Lea is afraid of her debts, afraid of bill collectors, afraid of being hemmed in by officials, and now afraid of the pregnancy and of a child.

The counsellor explains to Lea that the problems in her life won’t be solved by getting rid of her child. Actually, the opposite may be true: everything could get even worse. Accepting the child could help in finding solutions. The SAMC would stand by her. It is necessary to make some basic changes to the situation. The child could be incorporated well into them and even be a motivating factor.

Overcoming Fear

The counsellor illustrates how the SAMC is able to help. Lea almost cannot believe it when she hears how the SAMC can materially support her. Unfortunately, even here she finds cause to be afraid: such unexpected help is very unsettling. She asks herself whether there is a catch.

Unfortunately her partner is discouraging her as well: he thinks they will not be able to cope with a child. Lea makes an appointment for an abortion. She tells the counsellor this, and thanks her for the offer to help.

A few days later, the counsellor gets an e-mail from Lea: she didn’t keep her appointment at the hospital, but she also has not definitely decided to keep her baby. Now the counsellor considers it her main duty to reduce Leas fear and to restore her confidence in life. Instead of fear and pressure, she should focus on experiencing joy and hope in life. They continue to discuss how the SAMC can support her. It is hard work to convince Lea that there is really no catch.

With help from the SAMC, Lea is able to find a cheaper apartment and to put her financial affairs in better order. She can finally breathe again and is able to shake her fears. With visible relief, she tells the counsellor that she wants to keep her baby.

A Joyful Mother

She is stunned at all of the help she receives: «The SAMC is the only institution I know of that offers hope», she tells her counsellor. She is now looking forward to her child so much, she says.

After the birth of her son, the counsellor gets a message from Lea, that shows that joy, rather than fear, has become a part of her life: «My son is the greatest gift that I have ever received. I am speechless, nobody has ever helped me in my life. It is Christmas for me! I thank you from the bottom of my heart and send you a huge hug.»