Now Lina is happy with her two children.
Lina was already in the clinic for the abortion. Today she says: «I am so glad, that I didn’t have the abortion.» (staged photograph)

Taken Out of the Clinic at the Last Moment

Lina (20) is a single mother of a small girl. She became pregnant after a one-night stand when she was 18. Already at that time she considered having an abortion. She had, however, found the SAMC and had a thoroughly positive experience. Meanwhile, she has brought her life back on track. She has also built up a relationship to a seemingly respectable young man. But when she informs him that he will be a father, he shows her his true colours.

He only wants one thing: the abortion. Lina doesn’t know anymore which way is up and looks for someone to talk about her feelings with. She remembers the SAMC and calls the helpline.

Abandoned, Dependent on Social Services, and Overwhelmed

The counsellor listens to Lina’s desperate story. She has almost no contact to her parents. And because the father of her daughter is unknown, she receives no child support and relies on social services. After the birth, she had to interrupt her education. It has been very difficult for her to get back on her feet. She has just resumed her studies. Financially, her situation is very tight, but she copes. A second child, she supposes, would worsen her condition, because her boyfriend, who has completely disappointed her, does not want to support her.

The counsellor explains to her that it is possible to make room for a second child as well and that the SAMC would help her again. Several conversations take place. Lina begins to take courage.

Then, however, several other parties advise her in secret to get the abortion: social services, her mentor, friends – and of course, emphatically, the father of her baby. So now there is silence: Lina ceases contact and cannot be reached any more.

Already in Hospital for the Abortion

Three weeks go by, and then the counsellor receives an e-mail from Lina: She has decided against her child! Everyone around her is against the baby. She is already in the clinic. Soon she would be given some medication in preparation of the abortion scheduled for the next day. She is not very comfortable with it, but it is better so.

The counsellor senses that the pregnant woman is being pressured. She immediately drives the two hours to the clinic and arrives only after visiting hours have ended. Lina says that she feels in fact put under pressure by her boyfriend, her mentor and by social services. The counsellor explains again just how she will be able to master life with two children, together with the SAMC.

Lina realises that she checked into the hospital too soon, and announces she is discharging herself. During the short conversation prior to her exit, the gynecologist downplays the abortion and explains to Lina that she can also come back after the 12th week for the procedure. The doctor also mentions that life will become very difficult for her with two small children. Lina leaves the clinic with the counsellor anyway.

Relying Upon the SAMC: Decision for the Baby

That the counsellor took the long journey to her at the clinic made a big impression on Lina. She trusts the SAMC that it will help her through thick and thin. The next day, the counsellor recommends a good gynecologist to her. In his practice she sees her baby for the first time through ultrasound. This touches her so much that she completely accepts her child. She now receives invaluable support in managing her life from the SAMC. Once again, she agrees to interrupt her apprenticeship at the end of her maternity leave.

Twice a Mother and Happy

While Lina stays in the hospital for the four days after the birth, the counsellor even takes care of her daughter, since she was not able to find anyone else. From now on, the mother of two receives vouchers and material help to ensure that she does not fall below the poverty line.

Again and again, Lina shows appreciation: She is so glad to have decided to keep her child, and that the SAMC encouraged her and continues to support her so tangibly. Without it, she, says, she would never have managed. After the birth of her second daughter, she informs the counsellor that she is doing well, and that the father is softening and looking for contact! About her life as a mother she says, «I am absolutely thrilled with both of my sweet children! Thank you for your amazing help!»