Zoe very happy with her baby.
Happy Zoe: After desperation comes delight in her baby. (©123rf/dolgachov)

Surviving the Unbearable Thanks to a SAMC-Counsellor

Zoe (25), a sensitive woman, has gone through difficult times since she became pregnant with her first child. Her boyfriend, the child’s father, is violent and tries forcing her to have an abortion. If she refuses, there will be serious consequences. He threatens her and possesses drugs and weapons. He slanders her to the Children and Adult Protection Authority. The police and Victim Aid agency get involved. A real live guardian angel accompanies Zoe through all the storms: the counsellor at SAMC.

Zoe is appalled. Not only the fact that she is personally threatened causes her to despair, but also that she may be abandoned with her child. Against her will, she makes an appointment for an abortion. Torn apart in her conscience, however, she cancels it again. Not much time passes before she is overwhelmed again by fear. Her sister realizes her confusion and contacts the SAMC hotline. Shortly thereafter, Zoe speaks on the phone with a counsellor. She explains that she is 8 weeks pregnant and had unfortunately just cancelled the appointment at the clinic, which was a mistake. The counsellor is convinced that without support, Zoe will not keep her baby.

Zoe and her sister meet with the counsellor immediately. They both explain that the father is violent and threatens her constantly with leaving, harming her, and slandering her to the authorities (the Children and Adult Protection Authority) to take the baby away from her if she nevertheless decides to keep it. Zoe says that she would like a separation from him, but can’t bring herself to do it. He would stalk her. She also has problems at work. Her boss would demand full participation at work despite the pregnancy. She doesn’t see how she could handle all of that, and so is unsure whether she should keep the baby or not.

The counsellor encourages both women and explains how SAMC can support Zoe.

The Father Reports Her to the Child and Adult Protection Authority

After this meeting, Zoe contacts the SAMC often and asks repeatedly whether she can come by. She seems to be testing whether the SAMC really means it when they say they are always there for her. One day she admits to the counsellor that she truly believes that SAMC will stand by her.

Her boyfriend shaves his hair off to appear more threatening. After that, however, he is detained by the police because he possesses drugs and weapons. The police and Victim Aid agency work together to gain more insight into how dangerous Zoe’s situation is. She leaves her boyfriend and notifies the SAMC shortly thereafter that she will keep her baby.

Unfortunately her boyfriend actually reports her to the authorities as a danger to her child: she is incapable of raising a child because she, among other things, takes drugs. At the request of Zoe and the authorities, the SAMC-Counsellor also gets involved in clearing up the situation. Thanks to her participation, Zoe is required to take fewer drug tests than would otherwise be requested.

All of the test results come out clean. Even all of the other clarifications come out in favour of Zoe. Taking the child away from her ceases to be an issue.

The young woman also suffers from the strain of working too hard on the production line in a food factory. After the counsellor has a word with Zoe’s boss, however, her working conditions improve and she is allowed to give notice ending her employment when her maternity leave ends. For Zoe, however, who has to be very careful with money, this causes financial insecurity. The SAMC assures her that it will help her financially. She is also relieved when she is given everything she needs for her baby by the SAMC. Now she can confidently face the future as a mother.

«Where would we be without you?»

The baby is born by Caesarean. Zoe delivers a healthy daughter weighing four Kilograms. The young mother, who 9 months ago was despairing, heartily thanks the SAMC: «You supported me so well that I have been able to say yes to my child.» Her sister tells the counsellor, «Where would we be without you?» Despite the challenges that she still faces, Zoe is thrilled with her baby. She knows that she can continue to count on the help of the SAMC.