Happy mother with her child after the crisis has been overcome.
Familienglück statt Abtreibung: Die SHMK trägt dazu bei. (Foto: dolgachov/Stockfoto)

Summoning New Strength

Marlene (19) is right in the middle of her apprenticeship. The training, however, is proving to be very challenging. She has quite a lot of difficulties performing as expected. Her boss works together with her to set some goals that she must achieve. Then the bomb falls: Marlene finds out that she is pregnant. Not that too – and of all times, now! She talks with her boss about it, and her advice is clear: abort!

Abort? Just thinking about it makes Marlene uncomfortable. But when there is no other option…? Right now she should be achieving even more in her career, successfully end her training and at the same time become a mother – how is that possible? She doesn’t know which way to turn.

Marlene Finds Help

Caught up in her problems, she starts surfing in the internet. She discovers the SAMC-Foundation and sends off an email to our emergency call centre. A counsellor immediately takes contact with her and explains just how the foundation helps women in difficult situations. They make an appointment to meet.

Marlene arrives at the SAMC together with her boyfriend. Her professional problems are at the top of her list. She absolutely has to finish her apprenticeship. Her boyfriend is also still in training. Neither of them sees how it would be possible to continue on through life as parents. «The whole situation is so stressful», the boyfriend feels, but adds: «Abortion isn’t an ideal solution.» The fear, however, of financial strain and professional failure is so large, that for both of them, abortion remains an option.

The counsellor knows, of course, just how important it is for them to complete their education. She points out to them, though, that it shouldn’t happen at the cost of the baby. The discussion develops well, and she succeeds in showing them the way that they can have a good professional future and having a child at the same time. At the end of this first talk, the topic of abortion seems to be off the table.

The baby, however, isn’t safe yet. Acceptance of the child is being made more difficult by the attitudes of their parents. All of them clearly say that they don’t believe the young couple  will be able to pull it through. Besides, they just don’t have enough financial resources to support a young family.

Suddenly everything looks easier

After more discussions, the counsellor is able to convince Marlene that, together with the SAMC, she will be able to deal with the situation. The young couple decide wholeheartedly to keep the baby and to commit to each other and start their own family. They are elated. They begin to prepare for the birth. Suddenly everything seems much easier.

The news of the birth of a boy reaches the SAMC from the joyous mother. Her baby is «so quiet and easy to care for», she announces. Marlene has even more good news: in one month, she will be able to continue her courses. Her boyfriend’s mother can arrange to watch their baby while she is at school.

Now the financial help kicks in. The SAMC supports the young parents and the baby with valuable shopping vouchers. Finally they have their finances under control. Relieved, they can focus on their studies. Marlene’s boyfriend is almost finished with his apprenticeship and is already looking for a good job. The young couple is trying very hard to be independent as quickly as possible.