Ingrid would never give her little one up.
Ingrid tells her counselor: «I am so infinitely grateful to you for standing by me back when I made my decision.»

Overjoyed, Ingrid Would Never Give Her Little One Up

Ingrid (30) has experienced several miscarriages. Now she has become resigned and doesn’t want to get pregnant anymore. Her boyfriend breaks up with her. Then Ingrid unexpectedly becomes pregnant from a new boyfriend who doesn’t even want a child. He hints that he doesn’t want anything to do with the baby – and also less and less with Ingrid.

Ingrid’s world collapses. Then, through an acquaintance, she finds the website of the Swiss Aid for Mother and Child (SAMC). She writes down everything going through her mind and sends a long e-mail to the SAMC hotline.


Massive Disappointment

A counselor quickly writes her back and signals that the SAMC is willing to help. Later, over the phone, Ingrid tells the counselor how hurt she is by her boyfriend’s lack of interest in her and the child. They had talked about family and children and their views were the same.

Now, however, he tells her that he doesn’t want a family, that an abortion would be better for her and the child, so she wouldn’t become a single parent, which is exactly what frightens her. She is extremely disappointed.

The counselor shows Ingrid how the SAMC helps pregnant women in trouble and promises her the necessary support.

The Counselor Helps Motivate Her

Subsequently, an intensive exchange develops between Ingrid and the counselor, who is called upon to encourage the pregnant woman again and again. The discussions with the father of the child only lead to disappointment. Ingrid also learns from him that he has a new girlfriend, making her feel even more pressure to have an abortion. However, she hesitates because of the miscarriages she has experienced. The counselor explains to her just how much she can offer a child even as a single parent. Childcare and finances could be arranged, and she could always count on the SAMC. And because coaxing isn’t enough, the counselor visits Ingrid at her home. There she tells her how life with a child can open up a whole new experience for a woman, lead to a profound enrichment of her life and bring real happiness. She also advises Ingrid to take good care of herself and her child and not to let the child’s father put her under pressure.


The Breakthrough

Shortly after this meeting, Ingrid tells the counselor that she wants to keep the child. Now she shows a turnaround: she is suddenly inspired to organize her life in such a way that she can be there for her child. She writes to the counselor that she is really looking forward to her child. The indifference of the child’s father continues. The counselor recommends that Ingrid turn more to those people who understand her.


The Joy of Motherhood

After Ingrid gives birth to a healthy daughter, the baby takes the new mother’s complete attention. Professionally, Ingrid postpones a few projects to a later date. Instead, she now lives in the joy of her daughter, who gives her an eye for things that she had hardly noticed before. «I wouldn’t want to give her up», she tells the counselor. Ingrid takes the initiative in tackling life as a mother. In doing so, she can rely on her parents and on the SAMC. This means that childcare is assured for the time being and she can therefore go back to work. The child support payments from the child’s father should start soon. The SAMC provides the mother with baby equipment and helps cover the baby’s expenses for as long as there is a need for it. Ingrid writes to her counselor: «I am so infinitely grateful to you for standing by me back when I made my decision.»