Help for women that are pregnant unexpectedly.
Viola and her four children need help: She gets food vouchers from the SAMC.

Often Just Polenta to Eat

Viola (29) is a devoted mother of 3 boys. But her joy is troubled by their constant lack of money and the difficult relationship with her partner. Convinced that the proximity to him is good for the children, and trying to remain hopeful that the situation will change, she remains with him.

Then she comes up with a plan: She wants to work herself out of her troubles. She decides, therefore, to take her children and move out of the flat she is sharing with him, and find a part-time job. Shortly after the move, however, she learns that she is expecting her fourth child. The young woman is sure of one thing: She can’t handle this. As some people suggest an abortion, it sounds like a relief.

Viola needs nappies for her youngest son, so she contacts the SAMC, because somebody had told her once that the Foundation distributes, among other things, free ones to women in need. Soon she is talking with a counsellor about abortion and about her situation: She is living in a delapidated house and is serving Polenta for weeks at a time in order to spare her tight budget.

Shortly thereafter, Viola receives a package from the SAMC: In it are the nappies she had requested, plus desperately needed, nice clothes for the children, in their sizes.

Viola’s Motherliness Triumphs

More discussions follow. The counsellor draws Viola’s attention to her unborn baby: Why should a baby have to pay with its life just because it comes at a difficult time for its mother? The woman replies that she never used to understand other women when they considered abortion, but now, being in difficulties herself, she sees it as a way out.

Fortunately, the professionalism of the SAMC and its promise of support allow Viola’s motherly instincts to win her over.

Once the healthy baby boy is born, the mother of four starts receiving food vouchers, which she can use to buy food at the major stores. She almost can’t believe it. «It is like having a birthday, Christmas and Easter all at the same time», she says thankfully. She had never received any help from anyone before.

Again At the Precipice

After the birth, the father has more contact to the family. Viola becomes hopeful: Perhaps the turnaround in their relationship is finally happening. She begins to trust him again. Then, another blow hits her: She is pregnant again! Her partner is infuriated with her. «You are ruining me!» he accuses her, and distances himself again from the family.

Viola is fighting her fiercest battle: To become even more dependent on others, and struggle with an even tighter budget? She can already hear the reproaches hailing down on her from all sides. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to solve this problem quietly with an abortion?

SAMC Always Defends Life

The dramatic situation doesn’t remain hidden from the counsellor. Viola is surprised: She doesn’t get any criticism from the SAMC, she only finds a sympathetic ear. The counsellor gives her courage: This crisis will end, too. Viola has already experienced the helpfulness of the SAMC, and so starts to feel more secure when more help is offered. There is no mention any more of an abortion!

And so her fifth son is also born. Viola is so glad: Thanks to the SAMC, she was able to avoid an abortion twice and so she is now able to devote herself to being a good mother to her new baby boy.

Her partner was also able to start up a small business in this time. Viola finds herself finally able to hope that her family life will return to normal and she can become free from having to accept help from others. And who knows, maybe a wedding is on the horizon to supply the happy ending?