Marco accepts responsibility.
Michelle about Marco: «He has changed so much because of our son. He helps me with everything!» (staged photograph – © SAMC)

«Marco isn’t the type to have children!» – Or is he?

Michelle’s (21) world falls apart when the happy relationship with her boyfriend ends. Depressed and desperate, she gets involved with another man, Marco. After a party with lots of alcohol it happens – she becomes pregnant with his baby. For Michelle it is a big shock, especially because she is about to start a new job.

The whole perspective of her life as she has imagined it is suddenly at risk. What is going to become of her?

Good Advice from the Gynaecologist

Michelle tells her gynaecologist that she is thinking about having an abortion to solve her tough situation. The doctor, however, who is a supporter of the Foundation, tells her about the SAMC.

Michelle takes a look at the SAMC’s website. She is impressed by the stories of the difficulties other women face due to their pregnancies. She dials the phone number shown on the screen and tells the counsellor about her situation: «I could kill myself out of despair for getting myself into such a situation.» The child is standing in the way of all her plans. «I also don’t trust myself to deal with the baby alone.»

Her talk keeps getting interrupted because she is always choking up. This makes it hard to discuss her situation, so the counsellor suggests that they meet in Michelle’s region, which is gratefully accepted.

A Long Journey for a Life

The counsellor starts off immediately for the other end of Switzerland, where Michelle tells her what her friends are recommending: «Marco is a complete party animal and not the type to have children. You expect him to support you? It is better to get an abortion!» Michelle continues: «Why does this have to happen to me of all people? Everything is crashing down around me!»

The counsellor explains to her that the SAMC is there to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and she shows her just what the SAMC can do for her to make it possible to have a life together with her baby. She promises to be there for her and to give support up to and after the birth – for as long as it is necessary. During the discussion, Michelle calms down and starts to feel courage about having a child.

During her next visit to her gynaecologist, her heart is won over by the sound of her baby’s heartbeat. «I am of course afraid of everything that is coming my way, but I just can’t even consider having an abortion anymore. Thank you so much for your advice and for giving me the courage to keep my child», she tells her counsellor afterwards.

The People Around Her React Better Than Expected

Michelle is quite sure that Marco will push her to have an abortion when he learns of her situation. And sure enough, he cannot even imagine life with a child at first. In time, however, he comes to grips with the idea. He actually takes a better paying job in order to cover his share of the child’s costs, and he supports Michelle where he is able to do so. She is overjoyed.

When her new employer expects her to do things that she can’t while expecting, Michelle is able to show him what the law says, thanks to the good advice of the counsellor. And he gives in.

Michelle is afraid to tell her parents. She is especially worried about how her father will react. He does get angry, but he gets over it. Actually, when a creditor hears about Michelle’s pregnancy and demands that she repay him immediately, her father offers to pay the debt, saying: «I want my grandchild to have a good life.» Her parents even go so far as to rent an apartment near Michelle so they can be near her!

«I am so happy …»

From the SAMC Michelle receives many useful things she will need for the baby, so she is well prepared when she gives birth to a healthy baby boy.

Marco’s transformation from a man about town to a loving father continues also after the birth. «He has changed so much through our son. He helps me with everything!», says Michelle to her counsellor a half year after the birth. «I am totally happy that I kept my child.»