After the crisis, there is joy.
After making it through the crisis, Ms. S. is happy to have her baby.

«Listen To Your Heart!»

Ms. S. (25) and her partner have 3 children. When he starts being abusive, she separates from him out of fear. She and the children move into a new apartment. Then she meets a nice man. She hopes that this new relationship will help her to cope better with everything going on with the children. When her new boyfriend gets her pregnant, she is in shock! She is afraid that she won’t have enough strength for yet another child and that she’ll be kept from having a new beginning.

Because she has no income, it is essential for Ms. S. to look for work. Putting the separation from her ex behind her and ruling out all the details need to be done when – or if – she ever has another child. This pregnancy is extremely inconvenient. The father of the child thinks so too. That is why they want to get an abortion.

While they are finding out about abortion on the internet, they find the SAMC. Out of curiosity, they dial the hotline and immediately make an appointment to meet with a counselor personally.

The First Important Talk With The Counselor

When they arrive at the SAMC, they explain their reasons for considering an abortion to the counselor, who then asks Ms. S. how she can deal with it. The mother starts talking about a miscarriage she had, and about her youngest son’s twin who died, and she is overcome with sadness. She has suffered a lot from these losses.

The counselor responds sympathetically and explains to Ms. S. how the SAMC concretely help pregnant women who find themselves in difficult circumstances. As they are saying goodbye, she suggests to them: «Listen to your heart!»

A Confident Decision

Through the contact to her counselor, Ms. S. begins to trust the SAMC. Her mood and the mood of her boyfriend gets more confident. They become more and more convinced that they can deal with their situation together even with a new baby. Finally, in the 11th week of the pregnancy, the counselor hears that they will definitely keep their baby. They listened to their hearts!

As Ms. S.’s daughter is born, the SAMC continues to be there for her and to support her financially with the various costs which the baby brings, and with the necessary equipment. The original fears that the baby would hinder a new beginning turned out not to be true. In fact, the opposite is true: the couple tells the counselor how wonderful it is that they have kept the child!