C.: «In addition to the rape, I gave myself the trauma of an abortion.»

«The pressure to have an abortion is enormous. Today any woman who has become pregnant from being raped is expected to abort. Any other option seems unimaginable and even senseless.»

An Enormous Pressure

«When I became pregnant after the rape, the pressures of today’s society were such that I couldn’t go against them. That was the biggest mistake of my life. The people who advise an abortion don’t think about the future of rape victims. Today I have to conclude that the abortion was not the right decision: in addition to the rape, I have given myself the trauma of having aborted my child. A woman who has been raped needs to be given psychological and material help, to make it easier for her to look after her innocent child. In the long run it is less difficult to accept a child of this kind than to live with the certainty of an abortion. Urging a raped pregnant woman to have an abortion means recommending a solution to her that is actually going to increase her suffering.»