Unplanned pregnancy – joyful mother.
Patricia to her counselor: «My little one gives me so much joy and energy just by looking at her.»

How saying yes to the child released joy and energy

Patricia (22) works in her learned profession. Her income is enough to support her. She is, however, interested in further training to prepare herself better for the future. She also wants to get married and start a family. And that is where her cooperation is needed, because her boyfriend is still in training and doesn’t earn much. Then she notices her pregnancy and suddenly finds herself facing seemingly irresolvable problems!

The plans that Patricia and her boyfriend, the child’s father, have made begin to totter. What does their future with a child look like? Can they make it? Both of them feel the fear and panic taking over.

No longer alone with the problems

Patricia would have to reduce her hours at work because of the child. But then she would have less at disposal. Moreover, life with a child costs more and not less than without a child. And suddenly abortion becomes an issue. Patricia feels under pressure and does not know what to do. She wants to talk to someone about her difficult situation.

The search for competent counseling leads her to the SAMC. She can now get everything that is weighing her down off her chest. A counselor listens and learns that Patricia is especially frightened by financial challenges. She explains to the pregnant woman what the SAMC can do for women in her situation. The prospect of material and financial support from the SAMC begins to relieve Patricia. The counselor also discusses in detail all of the options available to pregnant women from social services. Patricia feels that she has found someone who understands her and who is prepared to accompany her through this crisis.

Patricia has further discussions with the counselor. In doing so, she understands that the problems must be solved one at a time rather than removing the child.

The decision that changed everything at one stroke

The contact with the counselor makes Patricia more and more confident that she can cope with a life together with her child – despite all the difficulties. Regarding her concern about what will happen after her maternity leave, she is heartened when the counselor tells her that the situation can be mastered together, if necessary with financial assistance from the SAMC. This takes a lot of pressure off the young woman. Her fears recede more and more. And then, when she hears her baby’s heartbeat during a medical examination, she says yes to her child.

After this decision, everything changes at one stroke: the young mother feels an immense joy for her unborn child! This joy also touches her boyfriend and he too becomes confident.

Although the living conditions remain challenging for the time being, the two of them go the whole hog: they get married! However, with the SAMC behind her, Patricia no longer needs to worry about financial hardship. In addition, she gets useful baby equipment from the SAMC. She says goodbye to the counselor with the words: «I am so grateful! Your help is really a great relief for us!»

While still in the hospital, Patricia calls the counselor to inform her that her daughter has been born. Her happiness as a mother now spurs Patricia on to get her situation under control and to put their family life on track. «I am thrilled to be a mother,» she explains to the counselor, «my little one gives me so much joy and energy just by looking at her.» And the fact that the SAMC continues to stand by their side encourages the young family.