Counselor encourages young couple.
The counselor shows the couple that even in their situation, there is a way forward with t’’he child.

How Good Arguments Convinced a Young Couple

It is late autumn when a young man (22) contacts the SAMC hotline by e-mail. His girlfriend, Luisa (19), is pregnant. She has not yet completed her apprenticeship. He, too, is still in the middle of his training. «We are now faced with the decision to abort the child or not.»

A counselor calls him back the same day. The young couple asks for an appointment to talk as soon as possible because they feel too overwhelmed to make the decision. The counselor arranges a personal meeting with them already for the next day.

At the SAMC

When the couple comes to the SAMC as agreed, Luisa describes to the counselor how she had been bullied at work. This affected her so much that she jumped out of a window. She was then in a psychiatric ward for a while, and finally left that company. Now, however, she will be able to continue her apprenticeship in another company in a few days. But how is that possible with the pregnancy? She is also bothered by the fact that her mother is strongly urging her to have an abortion. She insults her and even claims that she has no right to keep the child. She now threatens to kick her out of the apartment if Luisa does not have an abortion.

The counselor shows the couple that exactly in this situation there is a way forward with the child and that the «yes» to the child brings them happiness! The SAMC provides effective help, she explains. Luisa’s boyfriend says that he wonders whether they even have the right to decide over another life. But then he thinks again: if we abort this baby, life will go on as before. The counselor replies that the child that would be aborted is already alive. Therefore, life would not simply go on as before. They are parents in any case, either of a dead child or of a child that is alive. It is always better to choose life!

The two are somewhat relieved after their meeting with the counselor and resolve to speak with Luisa’s mother again before making a decision.

Alot of discussions

Three days later, the counselor hears that the conversation with Luisa’s parents did not go well. Among other things, they discussed Luisa’s training. Now, the pregnant woman is afraid that she would not be able to complete her apprenticeship with a child. The young woman also expresses her concern to the counselor that her boyfriend could eventually leave her and then she would be alone with the child!

The counselor points out to her that a separation could also happen later in life, but that is no reason to abort the child. They would both still remain parents of this child. She does not need to be afraid; she can rest assured that the SAMC will help her wherever it is necessary.

Many more conversations follow, in which the counselor encourages the couple to lead a life with their child. In this way, the couple is finally able to decide in favor of their child. Luisa’s mother unexpectedly accepts her daughter’s decision and allows her to continue living with her. And after the mother sees Luisa’s ultrasound pictures of her grandchild, her heart begins to melt and her relationship with her daughter quickly improves. Then Luisa and her boyfriend come again to the SAMC to pick up equipment for the baby.

Happy young parents

Now, after the birth of a healthy boy, the couple thanks the counselor for her support and lets her know, «We are very happy; we have been through a long journey. It was worth it!» The SAMC is providing Luisa with financial support for the costs of the baby.

A short time later, the young parents come to again to the SAMC, this time with their boy! They tell the counselor how Luisa’s mother, who had originally vehemently pushed for an abortion, now takes care of the little one! She is also behaving much better towards her own daughter. She even apologized for her behavior at the beginning of the pregnancy and now stands by Luisa. In addition, the young mother can continue her education. And the child’s father describes to the counselor how the child has changed his own life: «The little one gives me purpose! My life is completely different from how it used to be. I often hung around, was bored, smoked pot. That’s completely different now. I’m very grateful that we were able to come to you back then and that you supported us. I really couldn’t see clearly anymore.»