Lea, now a confident mother with her two children.
Thanks to the SAMC Lea is a happy mother of two girls. (Staged photograph)

Hope Despite Chaos – Thanks to Saying Yes to a Child

Lea (28) and her boyfriend have been together a long time and have a daughter together (4). Unfortunately they have never achieved financial stability. They are constantly worried about money and are squeezed into a small 3 ½ room flat. One of the rooms is being used for Lea’s profession. Even though Lea would have liked to have another child, she is convinced that it is simply not possible.

She is totally shocked, then, when she realizes that she is pregnant again. She wants to abort.

Lea is torn

It isn’t as easy as she thought, however, to put her maternal feelings aside. She would like to know whether there is any help available for her situation. Since she has already heard of the SAMC, she sends an e-mail to its hotline.

Soon she meets with a counsellor. Lea describes her difficult situation and that she doesn’t see another way out except through an abortion. The fact that Lea contacted them, however, is a sign for the counsellor that she would really prefer to keep her baby. Lea’s financial situation is precarious. The combined income of both parents is below the poverty line. The family is being supported by social services. Besides that, there is the problem with the flat which is too small.

The counsellor tries to convince Lea that the life of a child shouldn’t depend on external conditions and that there is always help available. Lea’s trust in the support and help of the SAMC grows due to the many conversations she has with her counsellor. Suddenly she falls seriously ill and her boyfriend is very worried about her. When she is out of danger, she writes a long letter to her counsellor to thank her for the promise of help and that she has decided to keep her child.

New Problems

Shortly thereafter, the partners begin arguing: both accuse each other of being unfaithful. The boyfriend even claims that the new baby isn’t his! Lea is terribly hurt. She can’t stand the thought that her boyfriend might leave her.

The counsellor explains to her that she can have a paternity test done after the birth in order to prove her innocence, and that then her boyfriend would have to take responsibility for the child. Lea is again hopeful.

The pregnancy proves to be a difficult one which weakens the health of the mother. Lea is forced to stop working, and this causes the support from social services to be reduced. She falls into terrible difficulties. The SAMC helps her out with packages of groceries, maternity clothes and with the things she will need once the baby arrives. Lea is moved to tears, and writes: «Thank you for everything! It is wonderful that you are here to help!»

Despite Difficulties, Things Work Out

Recently, a healthy baby girl was born. The SAMC continues to support the couple with food vouchers and nappies, which help the financial worries to fade into the background for now. The counsellor pushes for the paternity test, because she knows that their relationship can become solid again through it. The young woman hopes that her boyfriend will take responsibility for the baby after he learns that he is the father, and will begin to build up a relationship with his new daughter. At the time of writing this article, the result of the test is unknown.

In any case, Lea is very happy with her second daughter and continues to thank her counsellor for everything that the SAMC has done for her and continues to help with. She is confident that a better future awaits her, together with her partner and their two children.