Psychological problems

G.W.: «Give your child a chance in life – even if it has a disability!»

«I felt I was left all alone. The problems started with the diagnosis that my child could be handicapped.»

«The doctors advised me to have an abortion. I felt completely abandoned by my then husband. In vain I hoped he would say to me, “I love you. I love our child too already – never mind whether it comes into the world healthy or with a disability.” The abortion was a terrible experience for me, it was humiliating. I felt I was like an animal being led to the slaughter. They gave me an injection, and right away my legs were attached to metal stirrups with horrible straps. They might at least have waited till the anaesthetic put me out completely.

For years I had abdominal pains. I was haunted by nightmares, and could hardly look at myself in the mirror. Over and over I had the feeling that my child was standing in front of me and saying, “Why did you take away my chance?” If in the end I found help to get over this trauma, it is down to a fortunate circumstance. Don’t let yourself be frightened off, as a pregnant woman in need – and give your child a chance. Just think about it: there are organisations which will help you and your child, without any bureaucratic complications.»