G.B.: «I couldn’t bear to look at a pregnant woman.»

«I was well aware at the time that in having an abortion I was killing my own child. But what could I do?»

I didn’t find any support

«I got no support from my parents – my parents (at the time) saw no alternative either, my girlfriend thought an abortion was no big deal… In short, I didn’t have the strength to hold back from this step.

The abortion was terrible, really horrific. After it was over, my first feelings were relief. I suppressed my thoughts about it, and my bad conscience, for a long time. But in the long run it became impossible. I couldn’t bear to look at a pregnant woman. If I saw a mother with small children, I gave her a wide berth. Sadly, I didn’t have any more children. I haven’t quite got over the abortion even now – after something like 27 years! Increasingly I have drawn strength from faith in the mercy and love of God. So I say – don’t have an abortion! Don’t ever do it – however great the pressure, however much the outcome is presented as harmless. You yourself, as a woman, will have to live with the consequences, for the whole of your life!»