Eva – joyful after an unwanted pregnancy.
It is clear for Eva: she would not have kept her child if the SAMC had not helped her. (staged photograph)

Everyone Around Eva: «You Can’t Do This!» – Really?

Eva (32) receives full disability pay from Social Services. She has Multiple Sclerosis. From a previous relationship, she already has two children. Because of her medication, she has been told she is infertile. She is therefore shaken to the core when she becomes pregnant with her new partner’s baby! Then she finds a chip for a shopping trolley with contact information about the SAMC.

Eva dials the SAMC-Helpline phone number printed on the coin and describes her situation a counsellor.

Apparently No Danger For the Baby

Nine weeks pregnant, she says she would like to keep her baby. Abortion is morally not an option for her. It is because of her first two children that she is phoning. The children’s father has custody at the moment. It has been denied her. She would, however, like to see her children more often and also to be able to have them at her at home. The counsellor gives Eva a lot of useful tips and contact addresses, and talks with her about the sort of help that the SAMC offers.

The People Around Eva Are Up in Arms Against the Child

Sometime later, Eva calls the Helpline again. Now the counsellor is dealing with a completely changed person: The pregnant woman declares she has to have an abortion.

The counsellor learns that people around Eva are bombarding her with all sorts of arguments why she should abort: she would not be able to handle it, and is under guardianship herself. Her partner cannot be depended on either. He is unemployed and does not want a baby anyway. There is no help forthcoming from her family. She would be alone, and on top of everything else, she is ill. She would not be able to afford the necessities and her apartment is much too small.

This was all causing Eva to panic and she became convinced that it would be irresponsible to keep the baby. The counsellor, however, made it clear that she was not alone. After a long conversation, Eva was able to calm down.

Even the Guardian is in Favour of an Abortion

Eva remains torn. Soon she imagines life with a third child as terrible. After talking about this with her counsellor, it doesn’t take long for her to regain her confidence.

The people around her unfortunately reinforce her pessimism. Discouraged, Eva eventually tells the counsellor that her guardian does not think that she can deal with another child. Due to her illness, she can abort until the 21st week. Therefore, she has an appointment with her doctor to discuss having an abortion. The counsellor immediately suggests that she could visit her before the end of the week. This makes a big impression on Eva, and she accepts the offer, then cancels her appointment with the doctor.

Soon two counsellors are in the company car and on their way to the other end of Switzerland. They offer Eva concrete help and promise that they will coordinate the help available from other sources too. Eva is finally convinced that a life with her child is really possible, and tells her counsellor that she has decided to keep her baby no matter what.

Yes to the Child – A Source of Joy

The counsellor now helps Eva look for a new flat, and contacts the guardian to begin preparations for the birth. Eva starts to get excited about her baby: «I am so glad and I can’t wait to hold him in her arms», she writes. And finally, the father of the baby wants to be included. He shows his happiness with the child, acknowledges him and wants to take responsibility for him.

Eva gives birth to a healthy baby boy. She is thrilled and confides to her counsellor that she would have never kept her child if the SAMC had not helped her.

As financial difficulties occur after the birth, the SAMC is there to help the mother of three. Eva thanks her counsellor for giving her hope, the necessary support and the courage to think positively and insists: «You have saved my baby!»