Mother playing with her baby.
Thanks to her baby, Claire is already an early childhood educator (staged photograph)

Even Grandma Thought Keeping the Baby is the «Most Stupid Thing to Do»!

Claire experienced a difficult childhood and youth. The problems were so bad that she could not finish any training courses. Now, already 20, she would like to acquire a career. She actually lands a work placement at a day-care centre. Her goal: training as an early childhood educator. Just at this moment, she realizes that she is pregnant by her boyfriend, an asylum-seeker. Again, she experiences a profound crisis.

Claire doesn’t know how to go on. When she tells her parents about the pregnancy, they both gang up on her: she should have an abortion, or they will not support her anymore! Otherwise, she could move in with her boyfriend and he should support her financially!

Claire is afraid and is under enormous pressure. On the internet, she luckily discovers the SAMC and sends an email to the helpline.

Prisoner in a Crisis-filled Life

Already a few days later, she meets with a counsellor and tells her about her difficult life: barely finished with one crisis, the next one is already beginning. Now she is in panic that she will again be unable to finish a training course – this time because of the baby. Besides this, she feels overwhelmed with having responsibility for a child, especially as she sees that her boyfriend is not a support for a future with her baby. In spite of it all, she feels the desire to take care of the child.

The counsellor then shows her ways in which she could complete a training course with her child. She also reveals that she herself had had a baby when she was young, and nevertheless was still able to attain her diploma as a social worker. This helped Claire to gain a strong first impression that she, too, could manage with her baby.

Then Claire sees the SAMC’s huge stock of children’s clothes, outfits in excellent condition and in all sizes. And when she learns that she could receive all that she needs for free, she almost can’t believe it! Now she knows that she can get real help at the SAMC!

Crisis as Chance

Meanwhile, Claire has begun her work placement, and really enjoys it. In the eleventh week of her pregnancy, her parents start another campaign to convince her to have an abortion. Again they tell her that she will fall into ruin! After this conversation, Claire sees problems there where she hadn’t seen them before, and is again filled with doubt.

Claire is beside herself and calls her counsellor, who tells her that she will always be able to count on the SAMC, even long after the birth! Then, however, she talks to Claire about her career aspirations as an early childhood educator and tells her that this goal is completely contrary to abortion. Rather, her experiences as a mother would be really helpful on this career path!

The last attempt by Claire’s parents to convince her to have an abortion comes in the 17th week of pregnancy. Her mother found out that the boyfriend broke up with her daughter, and she appeared to lose all control. Now even Claire’s grandmother gets involved and appeals to her conscience! She says that keeping the baby would be the most stupid thing she could do!

Happily Facing the Future

Claire, however, keeps in close contact to the SAMC counsellor. This continues to boost her confidence until finally she is able to decide for her child. The counsellor discusses the preparations for the baby’s arrival and helps her with legalities. Claire is also encouraged to move into a safe house for single mothers.

And so it happened! Claire soon finds peace. She recovers from the sense of panic and experiences real joy. «I am really looking forward to my baby», she announces to her counsellor, and tells everyone possible how much help she is receiving from the SAMC!

Claire recently gave birth to a gorgeous and healthy baby boy. «I am totally glad that the SAMC exists», she says to her counsellor. And the SAMC is ready to accompany Claire as she begins her new life as a mother.