Diana: after a pregnancy crisis living joy with her child.
Diana: "Every time I look at my baby, I am the happiest person alive!"

Diana Recovers Her Inner Strength

Diana has her life pretty well on track. With her earnings as a shop assistant, she can support herself. All that is missing is a solid relationship. Then, at 28, she meets a friendly, interesting man who soon becomes her boyfriend.

She hopes to be on the way to a permanent relationship with her new acquaintance. After about a year, she becomes pregnant. This was not planned. Diana is rattled. Because she has always been against abortion, her biggest wish is for her boyfriend to stand by her and the child.

A Nasty Surprise

The news hits the new father like a bombshell. For him the situation is clear: the child has to go! He sees his plans to emigrate and pursue his career in danger. He begins to put pressure relentlessly on Diana to get an abortion.

It hurts her deeply that her boyfriend abandons her in this situation. Depressed and alone, she begins to question her standpoint on abortion. Her insecurity is heightened by the fear that her savings won’t be enough to cover life with her child.

Search for a Foothold

Diana confides in her mother, who was also once an unplanned child, about her crisis. Many years before, her grandmother struggled to prevent Diana’s mother from being aborted. And through her mother’s head flashes the thought, “Now I have to save my grandchild!” So she searches the internet all night, looking for help for her pregnant daughter. The next morning, she presents Diana with the phone number of the SAMC helpline.

Diana calls immediately. She tells the counsellor that she originally wanted to keep her baby, but now she is totally confused. Her boyfriend has now recruited his own mother to help pressure Diana into having an abortion. The counsellor tries everything she can to calm Diana down by reminding her that other people’s wishes have no priority over her own and her child’s. She encourages Diana to listen to her heart and to keep her baby.

Diana stays in contact with her counsellor. She continues to circle around the question “Can I make it, alone with my child?” The counsellor explains the different ways that the SAMC can help her, and then says, “A lot of women before you were in similar, difficult circumstances. You can also get your life back on track with the help that is at your disposal!”

Liberating Decision

In the days following, Diana had to deal with renewed pressure, but managed to follow the advice of the SAMC. After three weeks, she and her mother meet the counsellor in person. Diana tells how the mother of her boyfriend is threatening to hire lawyers to ensure that her son will not have to pay any child support after the birth because he has clearly said that he does not want the baby. The counsellor reassures her by saying, “There is no chance for that, and the SAMC would also give you any legal help necessary!” After talking for hours, all of the questions and concerns are addressed.

The counsellor’s explanations, and the conviction that the SAMC would be there to support her, help Diana to recover her inner strength: she decides to keep her baby. Her mood keeps improving, and she joyfully prepares herself for the coming birth.

Happiness is Bigger than the Problems

After the birth of a healthy baby girl, Diana tells her counsellor, “How happy I am, that I decided to keep my daughter!”. While receiving maternity benefits, Diana does well financially, so the counsellor helps her to begin legal action to prove paternity.

Until that is decided, the SAMC provides the new mother with material help. Diana says, “I am so glad that you have stood by me through all of the difficult times. You have given me hope!” Then she adds, “Every time I look at my baby, I am the happiest person alive!”