Sad Teenage Girl

B.L.: «When I saw my child – just the size of a finger – hanging by a thread, I couldn’t help crying.»

«Keeping the child was absolutely not an option.»


«In those days I lived in a kind of trance. Everything was consumption, self-realisation. I wanted to be an independent woman. I had two abortions. With one of the children, I don’t even know who was the father. As you would expect, the consequences too were a matter of indifference to me. As far as I was concerned, an abortion was a purely technical problem and not worth wasting emotion on. But there was one thing that happened that I can never forget. It was the moment when I got up from my hospital bed, in great pain, and saw my child, just finger-sized, hanging from a thread. I said to myself: That really is a human being, after all! A proper human being! After that, even I was reduced to tears. When I became aware what the consequences of my former life had been, my whole world fell apart. Only faith in Jesus Christ and His forgiveness has enabled me to recover inner peace.»