Help in case of an unwanted pregnancy.
Miss R. to the SAMC-Counselor: «Your support in all areas is outstanding.»

An Old Flame Never Dies – Or Does It?

After many years, Miss R. (35) meets her teenage crush again. «What a stroke of luck!» goes through her mind. She always hoped she would still be able to start a family. She knows that because of her age she doesn’t have much time left for that, so she wants to seize this chance and try a relationship again, just like her former boyfriend.

At first things look rosy for the two of them. Memories of their former relationship return and old feelings come back.

Disappointment and Shock

But the more Miss R. gets to know her former boyfriend again, the more she realizes that he can hardly be the man for life. There are big differences between him and her in things where there would have to be more unity to start a family. She begins to doubt the friendship. The relationship loses its momentum.

Then comes the shock for her: she is pregnant by this man! It doesn’t take long before she thinks of having an abortion with the pill, and as soon as possible! But she also hesitates: will she have another opportunity to become a mother? However: a child by this man, starting a family with her former boyfriend? She can no longer imagine that – and certainly not having a child without a man! «What will people think?!» Miss R. is stuck in a dead-end street. She seeks help and advice. On the internet she stumbles upon the SAMC and calls.

Important clarifications

Miss R. confides her dilemma to a counselor at the SAMC helpline. In the course of the conversation, this counselor gets a picture of the pregnant woman’s life situation. Now she encourages Miss R. to accept her child, even if this means becoming a single parent! And she advises her to view the subject of «motherhood» independently of the child’s father. This advice goes straight to Miss R.’s heart, as she later tells the counselor. Her counselor also shows her how the SAMC can support and encourage her.

In further discussions, the counselor tries to bolster Miss R.’s self-confidence. She shows her possible solutions for problems in life as a single mother. Miss R. also says how good these talks are for her. In the meantime, she notices that she has already started to look forward to the child.

«The baby is welcome!»

This joy grows more and more. «Thanks to the SAMC,» Miss R. later says, «the baby is welcome!» Abortion was no longer an issue for her. Rather, she is now concerned that she might lose the child.

When she tells her family about the pregnancy, they react positively. Her mother is delighted and offers support. Even before the birth, Miss R. moves close to her parents. When she gives birth to a healthy boy, the SAMC helps her with useful baby equipment and, because she is living below the poverty line, with food vouchers from a major distributor. Miss R. cries with joy.

A few weeks after the birth she tells the counselor that she would never have made it without the SAMC. She could no longer imagine life without a child. «Your support in all areas is outstanding,» she affirms.

The SAMC advises her in her struggle with the child’s father to have paternity recognized, which Miss R. actually achieves. Now it is still a matter of arranging child support payments. Until then, the SAMC will assist Miss R. and her baby in all necessary matters. The new mother gratefully writes to the counselor: «It is so great that you and this foundation exist. You really support people… on the one hand mentally and now also financially. You will always have a special place in our lives!»