Child saved through help.
Alessia: «It is wonderful to have my daughter!»

Alessia doesn’t know who the father of her child is!

Alessia wants to be independent and in control of her life, which is why the 28-year-old wants to advance professionally. And now she has found a better job. Soon she will be able to start her new position. A trial period of several months is expected of her. Then, to her horror, she discovers that she is pregnant. Now, of all times! And who is the father of the child?

Alessia recently split up with her boyfriend and then met another man. She has had contact with both of them and does not know who the father of the child is.
Alessia wants to talk to someone about her confusing situation. She finds the SAMC on the internet and calls the emergency call center. A counselor learns about her fears: fear of losing her new job, fear of not being able to live independently, fear of how the possible fathers of her child might react.

The pregnant woman talks to the counselor about abortion, because she is thinking about avoiding the consequences of her pregnancy by having such a procedure done. The counselor tells her that abortion also has consequences. In the course of the long conversation, despite all of her difficulties, Alessia develops doubts about the apparently simple «solution».

The Storm

A short time later, the counselor calls Alessia and finds out that she has informed the two possible fathers about the child. Both had reacted impetuously. One of them is urging her to immediately swallow the abortion pill. The other one, her ex-boyfriend, wants to meet with her to convince her to have an abortion.

What has kept Alessia so far from an abortion threatens to succumb to these attacks. Also because, as she says, abortion is normal in her circle of friends: Everyone has had one or two abortions!
The counselor wants to help the pregnant woman to give more space to her own feelings and say yes to herself: What is important is her heart and she should think about loving her child, she explains. She encourages her not to listen to the possible fathers and to free herself from their selfish attempts at intimidation.
The young woman talks about the plans she has for her life. The counselor mentions that the baby also has plans and will love her and be able to help her later. Alessia concedes that the counselor is probably right about this.

Saying Yes to the Child Brings Joy

After this intensive exchange with the counselor and knowing that the SAMC will help her, Alessia withdraws for a week. During this time she finds herself and the courage to admit her feelings for her child. She tells the counselor that she has decided to have her child. The two potential fathers, however, are still urging her to have an abortion. But she keeps them both at a distance.

A genetic test finally identifies the ex-boyfriend as the father. In the course of time, he makes a U-turn: He acknowledges paternity and helps Alessia look for possible day-care centers. She takes up her new job as planned and makes it through the probationary period. And she can even keep this position for the time being.

As the birth approaches, Alessia is really looking forward to her child. She wants to come to the SAMC, which unfortunately doesn’t work out: «It’s a pity that I also can’t come to see you because of Corona. I would have loved to meet you, because you have helped me so much!» Shortly after the birth, she writes to the counselor: «I am so overwhelmed by the birth and the little one. I will definitely tell her about you!»

The father of the child also enjoys his daughter. The SAMC continues to remain at Alessia’s and the baby’s side until the question of child support is resolved, which shouldn’t be too long now, because, as the young mother writes: «We are both doing well and Daddy spends a lot of time with us too.»