Grandfather with his daughter and grandchild.
Ramona: «Keeping my child was the best decision!»

About the Grandfather’s Late Transformation

Ramona (21) grew up poor. Her parents don’t earn much. She lives together with them and her brother in a tiny apartment. Already working as a registered nurse, she is studying to attain her general qualifications for entry into university so she can attend medical school. Thanks to Ramona’s future prospects, her parents cherish the hope of a better future for themselves. But then dark clouds appear …

Two weeks before her qualification exams begin, Ramona discovers she is pregnant. She is overcome with fear! Her dreams of becoming a doctor seem endangered. Her boyfriend (22) earns a good salary. He tells Ramona, however, that he wants nothing to do with her child and that she should get an abortion. After she tells him that she doesn’t know whether she will abort, he blocks her from contacting him on his phone and over WhatsApp. Ramona is crushed and feels abandoned.

Unchristian Reaction

She expects her parents to support her upon learning of her predicament, because they are Christians, and her uncle is a parish priest. She tells her mother, who then informs her father. Her father, however, reacts in a totally unforeseen way. He sees Ramona fail as their bearer of hope and demands that she get an abortion! He refuses to talk to her until she does. Then even her mother inexplicably chooses to remain distant, out of loyalty to him.

Ramona experiences her father’s cold shoulder as unbearable torture. She gives in and fixes an appointment for an abortion and seeks help from a psychiatrist in the tenth week of the pregnancy, during her final exams.

A Thought That Touches a Heart

Luckily, this doctor knows about the SAMC and arranges a talk with a SAMC counsellor the same day. That afternoon, Ramona has a long conversation with the counsellor. She learns about the help available to single mothers. The counsellor points out that Ramona is already a mother, and she is the only one who can protect her child. This touches her heart.

Ramona Brings Her Mother to the SAMC

Ramona soon meets the counsellor personally. She hears that she has the right to financial support from the baby’s father, and she learns how she can complete her future studies even with a child. Furthermore, the counsellor explains how the SAMC can come to her aid where necessary. She also shows the pregnant woman the big storage room with baby clothes and equipment. Ramona has the feeling that the counsellor really understands her. The concrete help really encourages her: she decides to cancel her appointment for the abortion, and keep the baby. – Regarding her exams, Ramona passes them easily.

Now Ramona brings her mother to the SAMC. The counsellor takes her time while all three of them thoroughly discuss the situation. Finally, her mother agrees to take Ramona’s side in dealing with her father.

A Hopeful Transition

Her mother points out to her father that he is not acting like a real Christian. Also her uncle, the priest, talks to him. Then, after three long months of silence, he begins to talk to his daughter again. Ramona is relieved and tells her counsellor: «When my family and my boyfriend turned their backs on me, the SAMC became my substitute family!»

After the trouble-free birth of her son, Ramona thanks her counsellor: «I am so glad that I kept my baby!» And later she tells her how thrilled her father is with his grandson. Every day, when he comes home from work, he picks the baby up and says that it is Grandpa time! Her mother has already agreed to take care of the baby when Ramona attends university. The SAMC is helping with clothes, a stroller and other things needed for the baby, and stands by, ready to help financially after the small maternity benefit runs out, so Ramona doesn’t fall into debt and can continue to pursue her medical degree. The counsellor also accompanies her when she has to deal with Child Services about arranging for acknowledgement of paternity and child support. As Ramona sends the counsellor photos of her son, she writes: «Keeping my child was the best decision!»