A Mother with her small child on a playground
What a child needs is motherly love, which a mother can give in any situation.

About the Baby That Was Saved Twice …!

When Denise (21) realizes that she is pregnant, she can no longer think clearly. She is still in college and the child’s father doesn’t want anything to do with the baby and also nothing more with her. On the contrary, he begins to harass the pregnant woman and demands an abortion. Just get out of this predicament, she thinks, go to a doctor and get the abortion pill.

Shortly after taking the abortion pill, however, other feelings awaken in Denise. What she has done won’t leave her alone. 

«Can I still stop the abortion from happening?»

The feelings become so strong that she wonders if the abortion could still be stopped. She begins to look for a way to do so. On the Internet, she sees information from the SAMC that an abortion induced by the abortion pill can be stopped under certain circumstances.

Denise immediately contacts the SAMC emergency helpline. They put her in touch with a doctor who knows the medication and the procedure that can neutralize the effect of the abortion pill. Denise immediately begins treatment according to the doctor’s instructions.

Two days later, she goes to the doctor again and, with an anxious heart, has it checked whether the child is still alive. And sure enough, during the ultrasound the baby’s heartbeat can be clearly seen and heard: the child is alive! Denise is relieved.

The Struggle Continues

 The father of the child is not at all pleased that the abortion has been stopped. He now puts even more pressure on the pregnant woman to finally have an abortion. This causes Denise to have doubts again. She calls the SAMC counselor to tell what is worrying her. She is struggling with the new reality of life, especially with the idea of living as a single mother without having completed her education and without help from the father of the child.

That frightens her a lot. But even just having to deal with these issues at all is a heavy burden for Denise. “Having the choice to have an abortion is a burden”, she says to the counselor, who then offers to visit her so that they can talk about everything calmly. Denise is happy about this proposal and accepts it gladly. 

At Denise’s Home

No sooner does the counselor meet Denise than she learns that, in addition to the child’s father, friends and acquaintances are now trying to persuade her to have an abortion. It is only a lump of cells, they claim. But Denise doesn’t believe it, She says to the counselor: “Cell cluster? I saw his little heart beating!” And that’s why her heart is telling her to keep the child. Only, she says, she’s not sure she should follow her heart’s urge. She wants to have children, but she didn’t imagine it to be like the way it is now. What could she give to a child? The counselor tells her that what the child needs is a mother’s love, and she can give it to him in any situation. She also tells Denise again that the SAMC is there to help her.

Denise on the Path to Happiness

 After this exchange with the counselor, Denise definitively finds the courage to keep her child. She visits the SAMC again, where she receives useful items she will need for the baby. After the birth of her son, the young mother experiences always more and more the happiness he brings her and how he changes her life for the better. She is very glad that she decided to have her child and loves her boy more than anything!

The SAMC advises the new mother about the social services she is entitled to and also supports her directly with contributions to help with the baby’s costs. After the birth, Denise finds a temporary job, and she even manages to continue her professional training. The worries about finances and the problems that once made her think of abortion have not arisen.

Denise is very grateful to the SAMC for the encouragement to have her child and for the excellent support at her start into motherhood. She knows that she will continue to have the SAMC behind her should any difficulties arise.