There is joy after having overcome the crises.
Livia’s boyfriend is transformed into a real support for her and her child by the birth of their daughter.

About an Escape – and a Wedding

Livia (25) is on cloud nine – she and her boyfriend are making plans for their wedding. The date is set. Then the young woman gets pregnant. Her boyfriend, however, who is also the father of the baby, makes no secret of the fact that he wants nothing to do with the child. Livia’s world crashes. Crestfallen, she contacts the SAMC-Helpline. She has to leave, and the SAMC helps her …

Livia comes to the SAMC and meets with a counsellor. It was through a short film on Facebook that she heard about the SAMC. She describes how her boyfriend is constantly pressuring her to have an abortion. She fears that he will leave her when she doesn’t do what he is asking of her. Some time ago, she had already got pregnant from him. Then too, he insisted on her having an abortion and so she gave in. Emotionally, she never really got over it, and she still regrets it.

The counsellor listens carefully to Livia in order to completely understand her situation. Then she explains how the SAMC can support her to master life with her child, even if her boyfriend doesn’t want to marry her.

Unexpected Encounter

While visiting the SAMC, Livia by chance encounters a mother with her newborn baby. She tells Livia that she had also been in a very difficult situation but is now really happy that she decided to keep her baby. This makes a big impression on Livia.

Back home again, the pressure from her boyfriend doesn’t let up. He keeps working on her over the next few days with pressure and coercion to have the abortion. Livia’s nerves are shot. She senses that the situation keeps drifting towards an abortion and that she desperately needs to have distance to her boyfriend.

SAMC Helps to Escape

In distress, she calls her counsellor again. She explains that they have already made an appointment for an abortion. Her boyfriend made the arrangements. «I have to leave him», she says, «otherwise I won’t be able to resist his pressure to get the abortion, just like last time.» The counsellor immediately organises temporary shelter at an undisclosed place, unknown to the boyfriend – with a family well-known to the SAMC. Livia cancels the appointment from there. Later, she admits that she never would have had the courage to call it off if she hadn’t fled. Because of the new situation, the wedding plans dissolve into thin air and the date falls through.

As the situation eases up and the abortion stops being a topic, Livia ends her flight and begins trying to save her relationship, because she still loves this man. The SAMC also helps her to get the baby equipment she will need.

Birth and Happy End

Their relationship improves, but only slowly. Once Livia gives birth to a healthy baby girl, however, the turnaround happens: Having the baby in their arms, realising that they are now a family, helps Livia and her boyfriend to see the problems of their relationship in a different light. The tensions give way to their feeling of belonging together. Their ties continue to strengthen. «My boyfriend is a changed man. He is so helpful now», she lets her counsellor know. After several months, they revive their wedding plans and end up marrying.

Livia is overjoyed with her little daughter and her husband, who is now a proud and considerate father of their family. The new mother tells the counsellor that she almost can’t believe she came so close to having an abortion. During a visit to the SAMC, she says: «My daughter is my biggest joy, and without your help, she wouldn’t be here!»