In the end, everyone is glad to have the baby.
Despite their earlier resistance – in the end, everyone is glad to have the baby.

A Birth Announcement That Could Only Be Sent Thanks to the SAMC

At first, Maja (25) is shocked when she realizes that she is pregnant. But she pulls herself together and wants to say yes to the child. When she confides in her boyfriend, the father of the child, she hits a brick wall. He tells her that their relationship would have no future with a child and orders her to have an abortion.

Since her boyfriend’s reaction to the pregnancy, for Maja everything is all about keeping her child or not. Tired of the constant back and forth, she makes an appointment for the abortion. Then she comes across the SAMC website and contacts the emergency call center.

Maja wants serious counseling

Now Maja is talking to a counselor on the phone. Her boyfriend is still midst in his training and doesn’t intend to have a child. She has already been to family counseling with him several times because of the pregnancy. However, they did not really listen to her. These were so-called open-ended counseling sessions. According to Maja, the abortion was down-played, which strengthened her boyfriend’s position against the child! She was not taken seriously! Frustrated, and in order to end the grueling back and forth, she finally made an appointment for the abortion.

According to Maja, she discovered the SAMC website by chance. She is still not comfortable with an abortion. She wants serious counseling. The counselor answers Maja’s numerous questions, talks to her about abortion, and holds out the prospect of help. Maja wants to know more from the counselor and arranges a personal meeting with her.

Living with a child?

At the meeting with the counselor, Maja describes her situation in detail. Her boyfriend threatens to leave her if she keeps the child. His parents would support him in this. She is also hesitant about having a baby now – especially if the child has to grow up without a father like she did. And she is wondering if a child would get in the way of the continuing education she has planned? She needs it to get away from the career she doesn’t like. But she also wonders whether she would be able to get over an abortion and continue living as if nothing had ever happened.

The counselor explains to Maja how the SAMC has already helped women in such circumstances. Almost all of them are very happy today, even the single mothers. The counselor also lets the pregnant woman know that fathers and grandparents often change their attitude if only the pregnant woman says yes to the child. As she is leaving, Maja tells the counselor how impressed she is that an organization like the SAMC exists.

Decision and turnaround

Maja repeatedly contacts the counselor, who answers her questions objectively and shows her how a life as a working mother can be structured, even in the event that the father of the child turns himself away. Maja is convinced that she can and should go the way of being a mother. She cancels the abortion appointment and tells the counselor that the discussions with her have helped her a lot in making this decision.

The SAMC helps the young woman prepare for the birth, procure the needed equipment for the baby and clarify legal issues.

Now what the counselor was talking about is happening: Her boyfriend changes his mind! He begins to look forward to the child! His parents, who were originally in favor of abortion as much as he was, are also changing. His mother is deeply moved by joyful anticipation of her first grandchild! She even offers to take care of the baby on a regular basis, as Maja’s mother and sister also want to do. This allows Maja to arrange a suitable part-time workload with her employer for the time after the birth.

When everything has been well prepared, Maja gives birth to her daughter and cradles her in her arms. She writes to the counselor, “I’m glad I came across your website!” And when she sends her the birth announcement, she comments: “From the bottom of my heart, I would also like to thank you for the psychological and material support. This birth announcement would not have been possible to send without you!”